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K-Pix is able to provide a wide range of services within tourist facilities. We are able to offer guests a professional service of photo shooting, printing and immediate delivery of the purchased photographs. Our work is not only at the sea, but also in the mountains, where we collaborate not only with tourist facilities, but also with the ski schools of the most renowned mountain resorts.

Where possible, we try to have a dedicated space or a sales point within Hotels, Villages and Resorts, offering photoshop adapted to the style of the structure. We focus a lot on the coordinated image of the structure that hosts us, to have a welcoming and modern environment where the customer can feel at ease.


We work with state-of-the-art photographic and IT equipment and with software exclusively developed for the tourist photo shoot. In a few minutes the customer will be able to have his splendid images via cloud service and printing directly on site with personalized packaging.


Our customers can choose between different print formats (10x15 - 13x18 - 15x20 - 20x20 - 20x30) and between different photoalbum styles. We also produce, at our main office, also different sizes of Canvas with which the customer can furnish his home, recalling the emotions experienced on vacation.


We are looking for you for the best job in the world!
A dynamic, tiring but fun at the same time, exciting and artistic work.
Always in contact with the public with the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.